Integrate and sell

Merchant GCC is your best choice if you want to accept TheGCCCoin as payment for your  online products. As the number of GCC users grows, so does our desire to provide them with tools that will allow them to spend their coins freely  - worldwide. Let your business be part of this enterprise. Merchant GCC can be easily integrated to a shop website with the help from our support team. It is a reliable solution created by the makers of the coin itself, which guarantees the safety of each transaction and comprehensive company backup.

Nobody can do it better

The GCC Group has developed a set of tools that will help you manage your funds and assist in payment transactions. Store your funds and mint coins using the downloadable GCC Wallet  - you can find the link on TheGCCcoin.com website.
You can also make use of the web version of the wallet  - find the link at  wallet.TheGCCcoin.com. Either of these wallets will allow you to make fast online transactions. You can  download the GCC Ticker application to your Android device to follow the exchange rate of TheGCCCoin on the Nova Exchange public market. More services and functionalities are in development.

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